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Tastes of Summer Go Gluten-Free

This month we're featuring great summertime tastes: ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones and s'mores, plus some great new items for kids (and the young-at-heart). Plus some new cream soups that will help our dairy-eating customers rediscover some family favorite recipes. Read on for all the details!

Julie's Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches from Glutenfreeda

It's true! You can now get ice cream sandwiches at the Gluten-Free Trading Company! A collaboration between two food innovators, they feature Julie's flavorful organic vanilla ice cream and Glutenfreeda's organic chocolate cookies. Imagine a thick layer of smooth, fresh ice cream bursting with the rich flavor of pure vanilla, nestled between two decadent soft chocolate cookies. Certified organic and Kosher. Sorry, not shippable - look for them in our freezer when you visit our Milwaukee store.

There are four individually-wrapped sandwiches per container (14 fluid ounces in all) for $6.49.

Ice Cream Ingredients: Organic pasteurized milk and cream, organic evaporated cane juice, organic tapioca syrup, organic vanilla extract, soy lecithin, guar gum, xanathan gum. Chocolate Cookie Ingredients: Organic rice flour, organic evaporated cane juice, organic unsalted butter, organic eggs, organic cocoa processed with alkali, organic potato starch, organic corn starch, baking soda, organic vanilla, salt.

Let's Do Adds A Sugar Cone

The "cake" style ice cream cones from Let's Do have long been a customer favorite. Now Sugar Cone fans can indulge in a light, crispy cone from Let's Do. Each sugar cone can easily hold two scoops of your favorite frozen dessert. For an added treat you can top the ice cream with Let’s Do Sprinkelz or chocolate chips. All Let's Do cones are vegan and kosher parve. With 0g of protein per cone, the Sugar Cones may also be suitable for those with PKU. Each package contains twelve cones for $4.59.

Ingredients: Potato starch, demerara sugar, tapioca starch, expeller-pressed palm oil, potato fiber, soy lecithin, cocoa powder, salt, xanthan gum.

Smooze is a Sure Way to Beat the Heat

Smooze tropical fruit ices are a cross between a Push-Up and Fla-Vor-Ice. These freezer pops are sweet and delicious. They're 100% natural and are made with coconut milk and real fruit purees and juices. The coconut milk makes them creamy without adding dairy. Simply shake, freeze, cut, push, and slurp! Each box contains 10 ice pops for $6.19. Choose from four great flavors:

  • Coconut & Mango. Ingredients: Mango Juice 48% (from puree), coconut milk 40%, natural cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, natural fruit flavors, ascorbic acid.
  • Coconut & Passion Fruit. Ingredients: Passion Fruit juice 45%, coconut milk 44%, natural cane sugar, pectin, natural fruit flavors, ascorbic acid.
  • Coconut & Pink Guava. Ingredients: Pink Guava juice 47% (from puree), coconut milk 40%, natural cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, natural fruit flavors, ascorbic acid.
  • Coconut & Pineapple. Ingredients: Pineapple juice 50%, coconut milk 38%, natural cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, natural fruit flavors, ascorbic acid.

Gluten-Free Marshmallows for your S'mores

Elyon Vanilla Mini-Marshmallows are labeled gluten-free. These kosher, fat free marshmallows are perfect for smores, ambrosia fruit salads, and other summertime desserts. When the weather turns colder they'll be great in hot cocoa and chocolate fondue! Each 7 ounce bag is $4.59.

Ingredients: Sugar, corn or tapioca syrup, water, Kosher fish gelatin (from Nile perch or tilapa), corn or tapioca starch, natural vanilla flavors.

Kinnikinnick Expands Cookie Biodiversity

The classic animal cookie shapes of elephants, camels, buffalo, and more now come in two new flavors thanks to the folks at Kinnikinnick Foods. Each 8 oz box is only $4.19. Have fun trying both styles:

  1. Chocolate KinniKritter Animal Cookies Crispy chocolate cookies in fun animal shapes. Ingredients: Sugar, pea starch, potato starch, non hydrogenated shortening (palm fruit or canola), white rice flour, water, tapioca starch, icing sugar, (powdered sugar, may contain 2-3% corn starch), glucose, cocoa powder, cocoa powder, (processed with alkalai), pea protein, Sodium Carboxy Methylcellulose, Salt, Vanilla Flavor, Pea Fibre, Caramel colour, Guar Gum, Inulin, Soy Lecithin, Sodium Bicarbonate.
  2. Graham Style KinniKritter Animal Cookies. These are animal shaped cookies made with the same graham style cookies dough that makes Kinnikinnick S'Morables so popular. Ingredients: Pea starch, non hydrogenated shortening (palm fruit and/or canola), potato starch, brown rice flour, brown sugar, sweet rice flour, tapioca starch, water, rice bran, sugar, blackstrap molasses, honey, glucose, salt, sodium bicarbonate, pea protein, vanilla, sodium carboxy methylcellulose, pea fiber, guar gum, inulin, soy lecithin, mono calcium phosphate. May contain traces of eggs.

New items from Annie's Homegrown

Annie's Homegrown has two new items worthy of special mention this month:

  1. Chocolate and Vanilla Bunny Cookies. Annie's Homegrown has introduced a gluten-free version of Bernie the Bunny Cookies. Delicious and crunchy, try these Bunny Cookies one classic flavor at a time or try them by the handful. A 6.75 ounce box is $5.19.
  2. Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Mix. You've probably enjoyed Annie's Gluten-Free Mac and Cheese Mix for years. Now try their Deluxe version with extra cheddar cheese. The Cheese sauce is ready made and in a package that you just squeeze onto the cooked rice noodles. The 11 oz box serves 3 and is priced at $4.99.

Pacific Foods Introduces the First Gluten-Free Condensed Cream Soups

At last! A condensed cream soup that will work with all of your old recipes. Pacific Foods introduces three new soups, all of them condensed and recipe-ready. Try the Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Chicken, and Cream of Celery and dust off those recipes for Green Bean Casserole, Chicken a la Chicken, Tuna Noodle Casserole, and all those other family favorites! Each 12 oz box is on sale in August 2010 for $2.39 (our regular price will be $2.99).

  1. Cream of Mushroom. Ingredients: Filtered water, organic mushrooms, organic crème fraiche (organic cultured cream [milk]), organic rice starch, organic rice flour, sea salt, organic whey powder [milk], organic onion powder, organic garlic powder.
  2. Cream of Chicken. Ingredients: Organic chicken broth (filtered water, organic chicken), organic crème fraiche (organic cultured cream [milk]), organic rice starch, organic cooked chicken, organic rice flour, sea salt, organic chicken fat, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder.
  3. Cream of Celery. Ingredients: Filtered water, organic celery, organic crème fraiche (organic cultured cream [milk]), organic rice starch, organic rice flour, sea salt, organic whey powder [milk], organic celeriac juice concentrate, organic onion powder, organic garlic powder.

Thai Kitchen Mushroom Medley Noodle Bowl is No Longer GF

Gluten-Free Trading Company is discontinuing the Mushroom flavor of Thai Kitchen Noodle Bowls. The seasoning packet now contains shoyu (soy sauce with wheat).

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