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Gluten-Free Trading Company was an early leader in the provision of gluten-free foods to retail and wholesale customers. In March 2000 the Company opened the first retail grocery in the United States devoted exclusively to gluten-free foods. A mail order service soon followed. In 2007 the Company added business-to-business sales under the Gluten Free Warehouse name. These operations continued until July 2016. 

Although the business is no longer in operation, selected assets are available including websites, trademarks, branding previously used for the Company's private-label products, logos and other trade dress, sales history data, customer goodwill, and one of the most venerable names in the gluten-free food industry. As the gluten-free food industry continues to evolve, these assets could be strategically advantageous for the right player. Serious inquiries may be directed to 414-698-7912.


Updated April 30, 2017 
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