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Dr. Schär is one of Europe's leading makers of gluten-free foods. The company is based in Burgstall, a small community in the heart of the Italian Alps.

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Schar Ciabatta Parbaked Rolls. Customer Favorite.  A taste of Italy that you can enjoy fresh from the oven! These award-winning rolls are par-baked and require no refrigeration until the package is opened. Just heat them in an oven or toaster oven until the crust begins to brown. The results are light, fluffy and flavorful and they are a good source of fiber. Excellent for foodservice. Four rolls per package..

Ingredients: Water, corn starch, corn flour, psyllium seed husks(vegetable fiber), Rice Flour, Dextrose, Modified Cellulose, Yeast, Sunflower Oil, Soy Protein, Salt, Apple Fiber, Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid, Calcium Citrate, Iron, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin.

Contains soy. Cholesterol and saturated fat free.
Gluten Free Lactose Free
Wheat Free Low Fat

7 oz Package $6.39
Case of 6 pkgs $34.50
Schar Croutons. Croutons are a great way to add a crunch to your favorite soups and salads. These pre-seasoned croutons are also perfect for stuffing.

Ingredients: Corn starch, rice flour, potato starch, sugar , palm oil, lupine protein, yeast, salt, dry parsley, modified cellulose, garlic powder, onion powder, natural flavor (rosemary & garlic)

Contains lupine
Gluten Free Wheat Free

5 oz $6.19
Schar Deli Style Bread. With extra-large sourdough slices, a hearty taste, and a great texture, it's the perfect match for any of your deli favorites.

Ingredients: Water, corn starch,sourdough (rice flour, water), buckwheat flour, rice flour, psyllium seed husks (vegetable fiber), rice starch, sugar beet syrup, sunflower oil, soy protein, sugar, salt, yeast, modified cellulose, apple extract, citric acid, tartaric acid.

Contains soy
Gluten Free Wheat Free Lactose Free

8.5 oz $6.79
Case of 6 pkgs $36.66
Schar Multigrain Ciabatta Rolls. An ideal combination of whole grain flours and healthy seeds for a great healthy and hearty taste. Part of Schar's par-baked line; bakes up fresh and crispy in the oven in just minutes.

Ingredients: Water, corn starch, rice flour, sunflower seeds, buckwheat flour, flax seeds, sugar beet syrup, psyllium seed husks (vegetable fiber), rice starch, apple extract, yeast, modified cellulose, soy protein, salt, sunflower oil, tartaric acid.

Contains soy.
Gluten Free Wheat Free Lactose Free

7 oz $5.59
Case of 6 pkgs $30.18
Schar Par-Baked Sub Sandwich Rolls. A perfect sub sandwich roll that tastes like fresh baked in just minutes. Just toast in the oven for 5 minutes for a crispy on the outside chewy on the inside texture.

Ingredients: Water, corn starch, sourdough (rice flour,water), rice flour, psyllium seed husks, (vegetable fiber), rice syrup, rice starch, sunflower oil, yeast, soy protein, sugar, Apple Fiber, Modified Cellulose, Salt, Calcium Citrate, Iron, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin.

Contains Soy
Gluten Free Milk/Casein Free
Wheat Free Lactose Free

5.3 oz (two 2.65 oz rolls) $5.49
Case of 6 pkgs $29.64
Schar Classic White Rolls. Customer Favorite.  These classic rolls can also be used as hamburger buns. Can be eaten straight from the pack, or for the best flavor toast them or warm them briefly in the oven. Four Rolls Per Package.

Ingredients: Water,Rice Starch,Rice Flour,Corn Starch,Millet Flour,Psyllium Seed Husks(Vegetable Fiber),Sugar,Modified Cellulose,Yeast,Lupine Protein,Sunflower Oil,Salt,Calcium Citrate,Iron,Thiamin,Riboflavin,Niacin. Contains Lupine. May Contain Soy. Product of USA.

Gluten Free Wheat Free

10.6 oz Package $6.99
Case of 6 pkgs $37.74

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