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Star Lion

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Star Lion Rice Noodles. These authentic Thai rice noodles have a long rectangular shape similar to linguini. They are delicious in soup, stir frys, pad Thai, pho, and other traditional Asian noodle dishes. When cooked they have an excellent texture. They can also be broken into shorter pieces to make American style chicken noodle soup.

In recent years some of the competing brands of "Thai" noodles have moved production to China and lowered their quality standards, but Star Lion is still the real deal, made in Thailand and enjoyed around the world.

Ingredients: Rice, water.

Gluten Free Milk/Casein Free Vegan
Wheat Free Vegetarian Kosher

16 oz $1.99
Case of 30 pkgs $53.70
Star Lion Spaghetti Nests / Round Rice Noodles. These quick cooking noodles are an inexpensive alternative to Italian style spaghetti noodles. They also work well in noodle soups.

In Asia this type of noodle is called kanom jeen (also spelled khanom jeen). There is a whole style of cooking based around these noodles. Typically the noodles put in warm water until they soften. Then they are drained and served with curry sauce and meat, seafood, tofu or vegetables.

Each package contains four circular "nests", making it easy to determine the correct portion size. This packaging method also helps prevent the noodles from sticking together while they are cooking. When cooked, the results are the same as long spaghetti.

Ingredients: Rice, water.

Gluten Free Milk/Casein Free Vegan
Wheat Free Vegetarian Halal

6.35 oz $1.39
Case of 40 pkgs $50.00

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