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The Orgran brand is produced by Roma Food Products, Australia's leading manufacturer of alternative grain pasta and health foods. The Orgran line is totally natural with nothing artificial added. The Orgran production plant is totally dedicated to the manufacture of dietetic foods; the facility has been designed to eliminate all possibility of cross contamination of grains and ensure that consumers receive the purest products possible.

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Orgran Rice & Corn Animal Shaped Pasta. Farm Animal Shaped Pasta is Gluten Free, Casein Free, Low Fat and a fun relieving product amongst children who suffer with autism, diabetes, dermatitis, coeliacs, dairy intolerance or stomach complaints

Ingredients: Rice, corn meal, spinach, beetroot, tomato, water.

Gluten Free Lactose Free Vegan
Wheat Free Egg Free
Milk/Casein Free Vegetarian

7 oz box $3.99
Case of 8 pkgs $28.72
Orgran Rice & Corn Penne Pasta. Rice and Corn Penne is suitable for both Mediterranean and stir fry dishes. Like the entire range of RisOMais pasta, Rice & Corn Penne is gluten free and has superior cooking qualities and resembles wheat pasta.

Ingredients: Rice, corn meal, water.

Gluten Free Lactose Free Vegan
Wheat Free Soy Free Kosher
Milk/Casein Free Yeast Free

8.8 oz $4.79
Orgran Rice & Corn Spaghetti. An award-winning pasta made from a combination of rice and corn.

Ingredients: Rice, corn meal, water.

Gluten Free Lactose Free Vegetarian
Wheat Free Soy Free Vegan
Milk/Casein Free Yeast Free Kosher

7.7 Oz Package $5.49
Orgran Ris'O'Mais Macaroni Pasta. The macaroni variation of rice and corn pasta are a complement to the range and suitable for all pasta lovers including the meticulous pasta connoisseur. Great with your favourite cheese sauce

Ingredients: Rice, corn meal, water.

GMO Free.
Gluten Free Egg Free Kosher
Wheat Free Yeast Free
Milk/Casein Free Vegan

8.8 oz bag $3.29
Orgran Ris'O'Mais Pasta Spirals. Temporarily Out of Stock.  Orgran Rice & Corn Pasta is produced from a combination of rice and sun ripened corn. It is naturally wheat and gluten free.

Ingredients: Rice, corn meal.

Gluten Free Lactose Free Yeast Free
Wheat Free Soy Free Vegetarian
Milk/Casein Free Egg Free Vegan

8.8 oz bag $3.29

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