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Sprue's News™ Archives

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In response to numerous requests from customers, we are making the newsletter archives available here. In the archives you can find lots of information about celiac disease, food allergies, autism, cooking tips, recipes, and products. Please note that the prices shown in the old newsletters were current at the time they were originally published and have generally changed (in other words, they are out of date and we can't honor them). To receive e-mails that let you know when new editions have been published click here.

2009 And Later

All 2009 and Later Editions.



Allergaroo ready-to-eat kids meals, Fifty Stars Baking Blend, Quadruple Baking Blend, Baji's Rice Meals, Kay's Naturals Cereals, Bakery on Main Granola Bars, Glenny's Marshmallow Treats, Crispy Cat Bars, EraGrain Bread, money-saving home delivery options.


Gluten free beer, Curry Simple ready-to-use Thai curry bases, Patsy Pie Cookies, SnaPea Crisps, new frozen food items, party mix recipe.



Stuffing cubes, pie crust mixes, Heinz UK Cream of Tomato Soup, Maxwell's Kitchen Gravy Mixes, Full Flavor Foods Gravy Mixes and Soup Bases, Fronteir Soups


Proposed FDA standard for gluten free foods, Cornito Noodles and Pasta, GoMacro Bars, KinniKritters Cookies, St Dalfour Gourmet to Go Meals, La Tortilla Factory Teff Wraps, Bakery on Main Granola, What is Gluten?



CYS Sugar Cookie Mix, Ready to Eat Holiday Goodies, Holiday Gift Boxes, Triumph Dining Restaurant Guide & Restaurant Cards, Heinz UK Cream of Tomato Soup, New Chips & Pretzels, Gift Certificates.


Stuffing Cubes, Pie Crust Mixes, Gravy Mixes, My Own Meals.


What is Xanthan Gum?, Going the Distance for Celiac Research, Good Karma Rice Dream Bars, KinniToos Cookies, Mi-Del Sandwich Cookies, Let's Eat Out Book, Joelle's Choice Pudding Cups, Maxwell's Kitchen Gravy Mixes, Fresh Pasta Salad Recipe.


Is There Gluten in Charcoal?, Barbecue Sauces, Mali's Lump Charcoal, Ener-G Buns, Panderos Delights Cookies, Toast-It Reusable Toaster Bags, Madwoman Foods Pizzas, Strawberry Tulips Recipe.


What is Spelt?, Laura Girl's Cookies, Sunstart Cookies, Cravings Place Mixes, Glutino Dreams, Daddy Sam's BBQ Sauce, Coconut Cupcakes Recipe.


Celiac Disease & Osteoporosis, Mrs Leeper's Pasta Mixes, Really Great Food Co Mixes, Oskri Snack Bars.


Alien-Os Cereal, Breads from Anna, Chebe New Products, Freesia Pastas, Tips to Save on Shipping.




Holiday Goodies, New Washburn & Butt Cookbook, New Lara Bars Flavors, Baking Ingredients.


Thanksgiving Items, Party Mix Recipe, Taming Holiday Temptations, Cream Soups, Green Bay to Host 2006 Celiac Sprue Association Conference.


New Store Directions, Gazpacho Recipe, Sanavi Intro, Licorice, Crackers.


We're Moving.


New Products, Glutano Cakes, Corn Thins, Construction Update, Upcoming Events.


Soups, Salad Dressings, Cali Pasta Seasoning Mixes, Chocolate.


Ener-G Wylde Pretzels Sale.




Holiday Goodies, Spice Cake Recipe, New Bette Hagman Cookbook, New Products, Hot Cereals, Bulk Flour.


Lara Bars, Manna from Anna, Cause You're Special Mixes, Robert's Tings, GF Pantry Skillet Meals.


Annie's Mustards, Ketchup, Barbeque Sauces, Rice Sensations, Tortilla Chips.


EnviroKidz Snack Bars, Boomi Bars, Mini Cheesecakes, Cereals, Chocolate Chips.


Other Editions of Special Interest

October 2003

Breakfast Cereals, Soups.

August 2003

Celiac Disease & Pregnancy.

May 2003

Results of US Celiac Disease Prevalence Study, GFTC Honored by University of Chicago, Mexican Items.

April 2003

What is Modified Food Starch?

March 2003

What is Whey? What is Guar Gum?

January 2003

Was John F. Kennedy a Celiac?

December 2002

Christmas Cookie Recipes.

July 2002

Deciphering the Date Codes on European Products.

June 2002

Medical Study finds Celiacs Who Don't Cheat Live Longer.

April 2002

Rissoto Recipe, How to Cook Gluten Free Pasta, Pasta Shape Names Defined.

March 2002

What is the GFCF Diet?

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